Creating strategies that work

High Camp Ventures (HCV) offers advisory services to senior executive teams and Boards on strategy, corporate development and venture investment topics. Though not limited to any particular company stage or industry segment, we align well with the needs of late-stage venture and small to mid-size public companies looking to expand their product portfolios and explore the implications of building out data-centric strategies through a combination of organic and inorganic investments.

Building on more than 20 years experience in developing market entry and growth strategies for products and services leveraging internet connectivity, Managing Partner Liz Gasser executes the majority of HCV’s engagements. These are typically scoped to include close collaboration with the executive team and members of their respective organizations, often with a task-force or facilitation component. 


At its core, Corporate Strategy is about making choices in the face of ambiguity.  It speaks to how management deploys critical resources against long term goals knowing the outcomes are uncertain.

Strategic Planning explores the possible ways these goals can be accomplished, the risks that exist in pursuing them and the critical assumptions being made by management. It sets the priorities within which budget and resource planning can occur and creates mechanisms for iterating in areas where uncertainty is highest. Importantly, it enables a more focused approach to venture investing, M&A and asset divestments. 

In this light, a good strategic plan needs to become a living document that interacts with the day-to-day operational rhythms of the business, not one that gets put on a shelf and looked at once a year.


Smart Cities: Data Strategy

Evaluated the ecosystem and business model options for the evolution of a connected street-lightning solution toward a broader urban data platform, providing strategy recommendations to the Executive Team and Board.

MedTech: Strategic Planning

Led development of a 5 year strategic plan for a leading medical device maker, working with the Executive Team and key functional owners to identify and prioritize preferred investment paths.

BioTech: New Market Entry

Provided engagement leadership for development of a market entry strategy for an advanced proteomics platform, including scoping and oversight of deliverables from a 3rd party strategy firm, participation in executive decision-making, and input to minimum viable product development.

Wireless Health: Corporate Development

Acted as program lead for the carve-out of a $100M connected health business from its Fortune 500 corporate owner, providing direction to a multi-functional internal team and recommendations to Executive leadership.



Liz Gasser

Before becoming an independent advisor in 2017, Liz led Qualcomm’s corporate strategy function working with the Executive Team and GMs of its various lines of business. 

During her 11 years at the company she also led strategy and corporate development for Qualcomm’s emerging business portfolio and the Qualcomm Internet Services division. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Liz spent 5 years at Openwave Systems, then the world’s leading mobile browser provider, where she held strategy, product and market research roles. Before Openwave she worked as a strategy consultant in both London and San Francisco. Liz holds a BA and MA in Economics from Cambridge University, UK. 

She also serves as the Board Chair for Athena, a non-profit organization focused on professional advancement for women in STEM fields.

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